Digital Telehealthcare Platform Test Results

Amazing results from call capacity testing on the Victrix Aurora Telehealthcare platform.

The platform uses a cloud software solution in place of the usual hardware (telephony firmware cards and servers) to receive calls from analogue telecare units.

25,445 calls were placed on the system with 220 simultaneous workstations, and an average call length of 60-240 seconds (random). Only 11 errors were registered, giving a success rate of 99.96%! Even higher results are obtained using fully digital telecare units.

These levels of reliability can be enhanced in practice by Victrix engineers making adjustments remotely to compensate for the increasing signal distortion caused by the continued evolution of telephone networks from analogue to digital, and offers telecare service providers a much more reliable route to digitisation.

The platform is suitable for the smallest control centres right up to the largest, with a capacity to handle at least 500,000 connections – the biggest in Europe are in the 250,000 to 350,000 range – unsurprisingly, Victrix is attracting attention from the major market players!