Doro makes a strategic technology acquisition of Victrix SocSan

We are pleased to announce that, since Wednesday, Victrix has become part of the Swedish group Doro, a key step for both organizations, with great opportunities and possibilities.

Doro is a world leader in telecoms products and services for seniors, with an annual turnoverof about $200M, a well-established reputation for reliability and innovation, and listed on Stockholm’s NASDAQ OMX stock market.

After initiating negotiations for the provision of the Victrix platform for Doro’s telehealthcare infrastructure, with 350,000 connections in 3 countries and 8 control centres, and as a result of the technical assessment to ensure that Victrix technology provides the highest standards of design and robustness, discussions soon moved towards an acquisition, which was completed on September 30, 2020.

This acquisition highlights that Victrix’s cloud platform is modern, flexible, and enables powerful data analytics used to plan predictive and preventive interventions, in a market where traditional platforms have not evolved into new technologies,  demonstrating problems in managing digital traffic, or delivering significant new features.

The acquisition of Victrix offers Doro new opportunities to develop and deliver coordinated and proactive care services, both in individual and assisted living.

At Victrix we are delighted to join the Doro family and add a key component to its strategy to become the largest provider of all-digital proactive telehealthcare services in Europe. The market for coordinated digital health and social care solutions is growing rapidly, and is accelerating due to the pandemic, so the timing is perfect.