High resolution testing

Victrix is delighted to announce the implementation of an automated high resolution software testing programme.

Following his arrival to Victrix in November, Benjamín Pozo (known as Benja to his colleagues) has been developing a software programme himself – not directly part of the Victrix source code, but an automated testing tool.

The testing programme simulates the actions performed by an agent testing new sets of source for a period of y time. All of the standard operator actions have been incorporated into the test programme, which recreates an entire telehealthcare control centre based on each new release of Victrix source code.

Benja comments “I am passionate about using the latest software development tools”. These testing practices help to check business workflows in an automatic way. It saves a huge amount of time,  that manual checking still requires, and is consequently more prone to human error. It is designed to run on modern software languages such as Angular, key component of the Victrix technology stack.

Victrix bets on these testing practices for, in a short/middle term let all development team more time to think and be focus on design and implementation, and avoid spending considerable time in repetitive checking activities

Victrix is one of the few in the market able to check most of its core bussiness anytime after any modification of the source code, and I am very proud and pleased to the contribution this can make to optimising quality and reliability for our customers.

In addition to finding satisfaction by giving vent to his creative testing skills, Benja very much appreciates the Victrix family-friendly approach to employment conditions.  As a proud and busy father of 4 years boy called León, he can choose between working at home or in the office, as best suits family commitments.

Three cheers for Benja from the whole Victrix team!