Victrix Coordinated Care Platform is an innovative IT solution for the provision of Coordinated Care Services and advanced proactive care services (Telecare, Telehealth, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Monitoring, etc). Victrix Coordinated Care Platform allows to capture health and social care data, or import these data from different health and social care sources. Data can be then be analyzed and the platform allows to plan and measure proactive interventions (in many forms), to provide preventive care to end users.

Victrix Platform has been build using the state-of-the-art digital technologies and with security as a design principle since the beginning. Our team has an extensive experience in the design and implementation of Proactive Telecare and Telehealth solutions (which are currently used by more than 750.000 users in Spain).

Traditionally, Telecare has been a remote support system for elderly people at home. The users usually have a pendant and a hub at home which can be used to contact a 24/7 service in case of emergencies.  Over the years, more devices have been installed in the user’s home, to monitor environmental factors and generate automatic alarms. Some examples are smoke, gas or water flood sensors, fall detectors, or presence sensors. This helps detect situation where the user is not aware of the risk or is not able to raise an alarm. Today, and mainly in the Spanish market, a new proactive model has been developed. In this model, proactive care in the form of outgoing calls is crucial, representing 3 out of 4 calls. Moreover, many initiatives have been implemented to coordinate Telecare with health care services, e.g. vaccination or heatwave/cold spell campaigns, and medical appointments reminders. Delivery of this new proactive model has implications for technology, which must provide the tools to support it.
  • World’s first fully digital end-to-end telehealthcare platform.
  • Backwardly compatible with main analogue protocols and equipment.
  • Can be installed either in either local server or cloud.
  • Up to 25% less expensive than traditional solutions.
  • Modules for standard Telecare, Proactive Telecare, Telehealth monitoring, Coordinated Health and Social Care.
  • Powerful reporting package
  • Software based solution (no specific hardware needed), making deployment easy, fast and less expensive
  • Based on Cloud, Web and Mobile technologies
  • First end-to-end digital solution in the Telecare market (Voice Over IP calls, WebRTC).
  • Innovative modular architecture that makes the platform Flexible and Scalable, both vertical and horizontally.
  • Security-by-design, compliant with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Spain’s data privacy law (LOPD).
  • Open platform easy to integrate with third parties and based on widespread standards.
  • Multiplatform, works in multiple devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and operating systems (Windows, Unix, iOS, Android).