Victrix SocSan, in collaboration with our partners Rescon Technologies offer an innovative solution comprising a health and wellbeing application available on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs that helps people lead healthier lives. Lincus is available as an app or on the internet with accounts for individuals, health and social care providers and administrators. Lincus is supported by Rescon’s world leading RAVEN analytics engine.

This solution, which has already been market-test and approved by organizations such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), is a perfect complement to Victrix Coordinated Care Platform. Our solutions allow the capture of valuable information regarding the physical, mental and social status of patients and delivery of proactive care interventions. The solution provides the patient with the ability to self-report a wide range of parameters and review their status and how it changes over time.
On the carer’s side (both informal and professionals), the platform provides insight into the patient’s condition. An analysis of this information allows proactive interventions to be planned and delivered, based on Patient Reported Outcomes Measurements (PROMs). Carers can also complete observed reports about a patient and access a variety of care management tools.

The current solution includes a web platform and mobile app (iOS and Android):
  • For patients to both report and review health and wellbeing data. The patient portal also delivers targeted audiovisual content that is most relevant to the patient.
  • For carers (both formal and informal) to act as an advocate to support patients on the platform. Review and analyse patient results to help them improve the care they provide.
  • Patients and carers can communicate using different channels, including messaging and videoconferencing.
Victrix solutions go beyond the scope of traditional remote monitoring tools, allowing recording of vital signs in addition to reported physical, mental and social health information which is processed by intelligent algorithms to support the planning and delivery of proactive care interventions. Our solutions are not only targeted at chronic patients, they can be used by the entire population for wellbeing and lifestyle improvement.
  • Software-based solution (web and mobile app).
  • Captures data from multiple inputs: vital signs measurement devices, activity trackers, self and observed report surveys, alerts and events.
  • Integration with Google Fit and Apple Health.
  • Integrates evaluation, monitoring, feedback, targeted educational contents, communication and integration.
  • Preventive and proactive care algorithms.
  • Automatic planning of proactive care interventions.
  • Health and social care coordinated approach.
Victrix Wellbeing - Lincus is a Certified technology, including:
  • CE marked Class 1 Medical device
  • MHRA registered.
  • Patented technology.
  • NICE published software).
  • NHS Digital Information Governance Toolkit Level 2.
  • Cyber Essentials.
  • IASME Consortium.
  • EU's General Data Protection Regulation compliant.

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