Professional telehealth services

Victrix is delighted to announce an important extension its home telehealthcare monitoring solutions, in a partnership with Open Healthcare, offering professional home telehealth monitoring services.

In major projects with private health insurers, the Victrix Aurora platform is deployed between digitised health and social care IT infrastructures, where it extracts relevant data such as chronic disease conditions and allergies from the health system, and care evaluations from the social system.

This data is used to risk-stratify services beneficiaries, and coordinated health and social care packages are delivered via the configurable digital workflow engine.

There is a requirement in some cases for specialised services from medical professionals, such as paediatrics, psychiatry, oncology, cardiovascular, COPD, and the Open Healthcare professional network meets this need perfectly, with precise and scaled services.

Victrix CEO Joe Killen “this is a major additional module in our coordinated health and social care delivery model, offering customers access to advanced clinical solutions if required.  Open Healthcare have a proven track record in sourcing the best medical professionals available for remote telehealth support, and their expertise in selecting optimum telehealth technologies is unrivalled. 

The partnership will be particularly valuable in projects currently being negotiated in the USA and Latin America, where private health insurers have a stronger appetite to include these services to offer remote health support.  Our customers are requesting advice on a wide range of telecare, telehealth, and remote care solutions, and we have extensive knowledge of these areas, including running telehealth projects in Chile”.

Open Healthcare CEO Manuel Villalón says, “This is an important partnership to roll out our professional medical services platform.  Victrix has already established itself as a leading telehealthcare platform supplier, and we are pleased to support them in projects with many tens of thousands of connections.  This is a significant additional channel to market for our product.”