Victrix is delighted to announce a new service in remote cardiology support.

Chronic cardiac patients are a key area of the health service, and there is a substantial increase in demand due to aging population, with limited human and financial resources. There are around 40,000 patients using cardio implant electronic devices in Spain.

Modern devices upload key monitoring data every 24 hours to a central platform, where data can be triaged for alerts or simply stored for the next scheduled check-up.

However, there are 5 main manufacturers, each with their own proprietary data platform, and the monitoring process traditionally has a high content of manual work. This is inconvenient and inefficient for ever busier clinicians. Victrix allows the importing and storage of information in a common format.

As a result, a new service has been designed by leading Doctor in Intensive Medicine, Dr Edgar Cabrera Pérez and specialist Yeray Diaz Aguilar, from their company YDEC RHIMOTO, with strong focus on clinical excellence and cost-efficiency.

The service requires a highly secure and flexible remote care coordination platform, connecting patients with healthcare professionals, to maximise care quality, minimise costs, and improve clinician appointment ratios.

Dr Edgar Cabrera “The Victrix Aurora is ideal for remote Telehealth monitoring, we are delighted to be launching this new service for patients.”

Victrix CEO Joe Killen “This is the first platform on the market which offers telecare and telehealth from the same database and with a full range of workflow tools. It´s great to see innovation providing flexible solutions for clinicians”.

The concept will be extended to other chronic and remote care disciplines in the near future, where discussions are already underway with leading professionals – updates to follow!