Victrix becomes TSA member

Victrix SocSan S.L. has now joined UK’s Telecare Services Association (TSA). TSA is the industry body for technology enabled care (TEC) services, representing over 350 organisations including health and social care commissioners, digital health businesses, telecare and telehealth providers, housing associations, emergency services, academics, charities and government bodies.

Becoming a member of the TSA is part of Victrix’ strategy of promoting software solutions based on experience in the Spanish health and social care market for Coordinated Telehealthcare in the UK. Victrix offers a cloud based coordinated health and social care platform for control centres, and is the first fully digital telecare solution on the market.

In collaboration with the TSA, Victrix’s objective is to facilitate the migration of UK’s telecare market from traditional isolated analogue solutions to a new coordinated model based on digital technologies, allowing service providers to provide high quality and cost-efficient care programmes to alleviate pressures on the heavily stressed health and social care systems in the UK.

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