Victrix digital telehealthcare platform released to US market

Victrix presented at the Midwest Regional Healthcare conference in Cincinnati on 5th December 2018.

Together with Dell and Intel, the Victrix digital telehealth platform was shown to key members of the US healthcare market. In the audience were senior IT figures from health insurance and medical services providers.

The Victrix platform is being released for sale via the Getronics Cloud, through its $US800M turnover subsidiary right across the USA.

In addition to standard telecare and telehealth connectivity, Victrix incorporates cognitive health algorithms to make sense of dormant data in electronic medical records, unleashing huge value for health organisations, many of whom have found themselves held back by IT companies with business models driven more by regulatory compliance with the US HIPAA and ACA standards, as opposed to high value-added customer-focused solutions.

We will be releasing more news on important advances in European telehealthcare markets soon – watch this space! #Telehealth #Healthcare #healthinsurance