Victrix enters UK Health Sector

Victrix launched its successful digital telehealthcare platform at the Healthcare Excellence Through Innovation 2019 show London Excel 1st/2nd October.

The Healthcare sector is highly enthusiastic about an innovative platform which is fully interoperable both with the current analogue telecare park, but at the same time which offers connectivity to new digital solutions, including biometric sensors, IOT devices, digital telecare, Alexa and social media services such as encrypted WhatsApp.

Victrix is a platform of platforms, which means that customers can continue to use current solutions, whilst bringing together selected key data for analysis and risk stratification, with the ability to set performance thresholds in line with internal KPI‘s, external SLA‘s, and individual service beneficiary requirements, and then configure digital outputs, ranging from simple media stimuli through to operator responses or even clinician intervention (proactive interventions).

This holistic approach joins up the different dots of health and social care provision, and greatly improves service efficiencies whilst reducing costs.   Customers very much welcome a platform which is completely independent from hardware suppliers, as this guarantees innovation drive to a much wider range of solutions.

The platform is native cloud, and is therefore easy to deploy and scale, and the SaaS commercial model gives very high cost to performance ratios.  With support from strategic investment partner, €1.4 billion turnover IT services multinational Getronics, our compelling proposition combines niche expertise in specialised telehealthcare with large corporate infrastructure support capacity.

Strong interest has already been expressed from several key players, and it is clear that the new Victrix interoperable telehealthcare model is a highly attractive solution compared to the old proprietary platform/hardware solutions, which have become obsolete in a rapidly-evolving digital age.

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