WhatsApp are very impressed with the Victrix telehealthcare model, and have signed a licencing agreement with us to provide large-scale communications with beneficiaries to offer preventive care services for vulnerable people and chronic disease patients, as well as for broader population health management.

This is an enormous new opportunity for the market, as it means that telehealthcare service providers can use the encrypted messaging system to provide secure information, such as medication reminders, appointments, Birthday messages, and health and care advice automatically, either on an individual or a group basis.

This high quality service is delivered at extremely low cost, and is an economic alternative to labour and/or capital intensive traditional solutions. It is also a practical way forward to service providers wishing to implement a proactive care model, without heavy manpower commitments.

This is the first platform on the market with this solution, and is one of many digital innovations being introduced. Victrix is really opening the telehealthcare market to the digital world!