Joe Killen

I have 30 years of experience in international sales and customer service in high technology.
Constantly seeking innovation, I prefer the dynamism of a smaller company environment to quickly deliver flexible and high-value solutions in a fast-changing world, where large corporates struggle to manoeuvre.
I enjoy raquet sports, yoga, piano, chess and spending time with family.

Dr. Tom Dawson

Tom holds a doctorate in physiology, anatomy and genetics from the University of Oxford; degrees in medicine and biochemistry from the University of Otago; and multiple post-graduate qualifications. Tom has held technical, management and leadership roles in both industry and academia. As a technologist, sports medicine physician, coach and athlete to an international standard, Tom has a global overview of the issues and solutions surrounding human performance having published widely, including patents. Tom likes to spend time with his wife and their extended family of three meerkats, two skunks and three sugar gliders. He is a keen gardener and likes to run a lot.

Mark Ashton

Mark is a transformational leader with 30 years’ business experience in the UK and USA, who is passionate about helping committed organisations to grow by applying the proven principles of the Top 1%. He is known for his infectious enthusiasm, drive, incisive thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity, uncompromising ethics, and ability to connect with, influence and inspire people to create outstanding organisational performance. Mark founded Resolve Gets ResultsTM in 2006.

Rafa Llarena

I’m a Computer Engineer and MBA and I’ve always worked on the application of innovative IT solutions, initially as developer and later on as analyst and Project Manager.
I’ve managed International projects focused on Health and Social Care coordination and on Telehealth.
I am passionate about my family and about music, in my limited spare time between job and family, I organize small underground music festivals.

Carlos Garrido

As Computer Engineer I have developed my career between my two prefered countries, France and Spain. The possibility of working in different environments gave me a special vision of the teams, the work and the importance of the teamwork over the individual.
Building and developing IT solutions are some of my passions.
I enjoy reading a good book, sharing time with my friends and knowing other cultures.